Connor Gutman

New York, NY

(480) 540-1625 [email protected]

Full Stack Web Developer

Iā€™m a progressive developer who is passionate about working with the latest tools and frameworks that are currently experiencing rapid growth in the tech community. I have used these tools to build production-ready applications, as well as to bring my own projects and ideas to fruition. Enthusiastic about writing code that is guided by the latest practices and trends within the developer community, I embrace large scale community driven changes and updates. I am looking for a full-time or contract position that will enable me to use a wide range of advanced tools to contribute to a creative and growing company.


HTML CSS(SASS & LESS) Javascript ES6 Node.Js React Angular Blaze Meteor Express Pug MongoDB PostgreSQL MySQL Python Flask PHP Git Nginx Apache Wordpress Bootstrap 4 Foundation 5 Linux Responsive Design Docker

Work Experience

C.G.G. Consulting

Principal & Lead Full Stack Web Developer | Jan, 2013 ā€“ Current | New York, NY

Work with a wide range of clients on projects to meet their business needs. Specialize in full-stack web development with an emphasis on growing technologies such as Meteor, React, Angular 2, and other JavaScript based frameworks. Also have experience with designing and implementing relational/non-relational database infrastructures including MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and more. Recent client work includes:

  • Love & War (New York, NY): provide front-end and back-end development / design for this well-known design firm on numerous projects including: Springhouse, a multi-million dollar real estate firm in New York; Westlight, a New York Times featured restaurant and bar; and additional work such as Mr. Dips bistro, The William Vale Hotel, Leuca, and more.
  • FloatBit (New York, NY): provide development, design, and advising for several large projects such as University of Texas Austin's McCombs School of Business website redesign. Additional projects include development of The Bungalow Santa Monica / Huntington Beach website, back-end Wordpress development for Abigail Kirsch catering and event management, and collaborative work on several other projects with multiple developers.
  • Value IT (Paris, France): provide front-end design and development, back-end Wordpress development, and server setup / maintenance for projects such as and several internal sites. Provide periodic server maintenance and content management.
  • Droid Industries (San Francisco, CA): provide front-end and back-end development and design for Droid Industries landing page, email templates, and email / chat support ticketing system. Additionally, provide content management and server administration.


President, Founder, & Full Stack Developer | Jun, 2014 ā€“ Jan, 2017 | Phoenix, AZ

Eat Smpl is a service for restaurants, bars, cafes, and other food industry related businesses to get a website up and running. Eat Smpl gives business owners a responsive, modern, and SEO optimized site through an extremely quick and simple process much like a Mad Lib. Clients enter their business name, the site scrapes the internet for all the information it can find about it, and they just fill in the missing blanks. Responsible for all aspects of this start-up business, including conception, initial development, design, sales and marketing, maintenance, financial management, and more.




Szechuan is a Flexbox based grid that offers immense customization and rich features in 100 lines of SCSS. With Szechuan you can generate your own perfected framework in seconds.



Bcket is a W.I.P. application built with Webpack and IPFS. Bcket is a 100% client-side and user friendly IPFS node. Users can upload their files to a decentralized cloud storage platform with a standard modern browser.



Micro is a tiny blogging platform written in Python and built with PostgreSQL / MySQL / SQLite support. Micro aims to be a fun and extendable starting point for building a multi-user blog.

Github / Gitlab

Extended work / projects

For more projects and work examples please visit both of my code repositories at and



Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree | January 2017 - June 2017 (est.)


Associate in Arts | December 2016


Courses in Computer Science | August 2015 ā€“ May 2016
Dean's List (Fall 2015)